The Flavor of God

I’m going through Hebrews twice, on purpose, to see more clearly how the whole of the book connects.  I found my mind and eyes wandering this morning, though, eventually landing on a wall in my kitchen thinking about décor.  I have a wooden sign with a verse from Psalms inscribed on it: Taste and see […]

They Got What it Takes

As a photographer and graphic designer, I like to design things – to find things that go well together and make them outstanding.  Even around my house I find myself going around to see what I already have and how I can find a better place for it.  Every once in a while, I do […]

Green Eyes and Gifts

It was second grade.  We were in the middle of a themed week in school.  Monday was something like “Funny Hat Day”, Tuesday was “Opposite Day”, and so on.  In the middle of day, some mildly motivated voice would come over the public announcement system requesting everyone that had complied with the theme of the […]

When God Calls the Heart

Sometimes our hearts are called to do something big – big enough for the heart to palpitate between the giddiness that comes with dreaming of all the possibilities and the anxiety that comes with the sheer reality of it all.  I was reading in Ezra this morning about the exiled Israelites that were finally given […]

Tis the Season!

What better time of the year to have a maternity session than during the season all about the most famous pregnancy of all?!  And what better place to have the maternity session than in a greenhouse nursery!  After all, it is the time when you’re preparing for the baby and getting things ready in the… […]

Christmas Ideas from Around the World

Thanksgiving weekend tends to be the kick-off for Christmas traditions.  This year we were in Grand Rapids, MI at my sister’s house, so we got to enjoy the Christmas tradition at Meijer Gardens – Christmas and Holiday Traditions from Around the World.  Having worked on a very international team when we lived overseas, I, of […]

3 Pro Tips for Thanksgiving Photos

It’s the week of Thanksgiving!!!!  Since you’ll be gathered already and have smart phones with fancy-shmancy portrait modes, I thought I’d throw out a few pro tips to make the most of the family photos that will inevitably take place this week.  Then you can post your photos with pride and not find yourself wishing […]

God Must Think I’m Strong

A few weeks ago I was catching up with a friend via text because one of her Facebook posts caught my eye, and I realized that I had very little idea what was going on in her personal life.  To say she had been thrown a curve ball in life may be an understatement.  She […]

Drummer Girl

“What?! I was in band, too!!!” I love it when I find connections with my clients, but this senior girl is infinitely WAY cooler than I ever was. First of all, she’s on the snare in marching band, which is the drummer responsible for keeping everyone’s March in step. I still remember our drum corp […]

Stay With It!

Jesus spoke truth when he said, “Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders, you will never believe.” John 4:48 Our humanity severely limits our boundaries of faith to the point where that statement becomes truth. I also know we have a small amount of true faith because we’re told in Matthew that if we […]

Maintain Good Will

All the fun begins with the planning sessions I have with clients before the portrait sessions.  They usually start out polite, with a lot of I-don’t-know’s and not-interested-in-much’s. With just a little patience and digging around, personalities and interests do start to pop out.  What I’ve learned is that we are so fascinated (sometimes intimidated) […]