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Babs Mullinax

I hate getting my picture taken.

Maybe that’s why I love being behind the camera? But I’ll tell you what… It makes me empathize for the people I’m photographing, so I go the extra mile to help them feel comfortable and confident. Here’s the best part – we usually have a really good time!

So let’s set the stage and pick all the right elements that express your family in a way that will be sparking stories for generations to come.

P.S. Your grandkids will thank you for it some day!



I AM A FUN FULL-SERVICE PHOTOGRAPHER. What does that mean? I specialize in giving you an incredible experience, professional portraits, AND keepsake products that will be worth the investment of your limited time and resources!

Family Portraits


In-Home Family Sessions


Newborn Family Sessions

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City Parks


Senior Girls


Senior Guys


Baby on the Way

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Downtown Senior Sessions


Rustic Senior Sessions


Senior Sessions with Murals


Backyard Family Sessions


I do more than photography! Curious?

See what I do!

Happily Providing

Creative Juices

In addition to fun family photography, I provide creative services to small businesses, nonprofits, and churches.  Here’s the thing: Working relationships are all about trust. Deciding to work with you begins with an engaging content of you loving what you do. Trust me.


You are great at what you do! No one can do it like you – that’s why you’re in business, right? But when you look at your web site or printed materials, maybe a small part of you cringes because you don’t have the photos that represent what you do so well. Let me help, because I’m great at what I do, and I love to support local businesses!

Creative Strategy

I can take an idea (or come up with several with you) and turn it into reality.  Some teams are staffed with industry experts, but have a gap in creative juices.  Be it visualizing an event idea, creating engaging printed or digital materials, or simply facilitating some great brainstorming sessions, I would love to give you a helping hand.

Strategic Writing

I have a way with words (a.k.a a degree with honors) and a background in story branding.  With a healthy set of listening ears and a love for research, I can compose something compelling for you more quickly than you might guess.  Web content, printed materials, articles, or social media ideas are some of my happiest places to write.


My Latest Blog Posts

A little on faith, family, and photography.

Sharing With You

Speaking Topics

I’ve spoken in small groups, retreats, and on a national stage.

  • Long-Distance Families
  • Gifting and Calling
  • Surviving Transition
  • Hearing God's Voice
  • Bible Study Skills
  • Using Your Own Camera

I am very familiar with transition and grasping for direction in life. I had no idea the path my life would take when I was in college! I thought I was going to be a high school English teacher living in small town America, raising my gaggle of kids close to my best friends. Instead, I moved to a large city for jobs in visioning and leadership, got married, served in youth ministry, got a masters’ degree, had only one child, pursued a call to missions, lived far away from so many loved ones, struggled with secondary infertility, and now am back in the States and trying the entrepreneurial thing.  Life is rarely what you expect.

I am a licensed worker with the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA), having served as a full-time camp counselor, in local church leadership, and overseas.  I have as contributed to their bi-monthly publication, in addition to authoring quarterly newsletters while I was overseas.  This experience has led to the opportunities to speak at their national women’s conference, several regional conferences, and at individual local churches, as well.

Contact me for creative services or a speaking engagement.

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